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The Health Factory Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals 50g

The Health Factory

The Health Factory’s Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals- this product is a gift from the ocean, a safe bio-compatible, Multi- Mineral obtained from fossilised sea coral from Okinawa, Japan. No coral reefs are harmed in the harvesting of the Sango Coral. In fact, removing the fossilised coral makes space for the reef to expand. It is the only coral, of the 2,500 species in the world, whose composition is almost identical to that of the human bone. Surgeons around the world even use this coral for bone transplants!

Use Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals for

  • weak teeth
  • surface level caries (the beginning stages of a cavity)
  • osteoporosis
  • after a bone fracture

By using Okinawa Sea Coral mineral you will:

  • Replace the need for traditional Calcium compounds that are only absorbed between 4% & 25%, while the rest is excreted or deposited in the body, hardening the tissues.
  • Avoid fillers,anti-caking agents or additives. This product is 100% pure.
  • Avoid calcium tablets which only become available to the body after 4 to 10 hours.

Okinawa minerals consist of calcium and magnesium. It is also unique in that it contains 76 essential and ionic minerals and trace elements. It is particularly rich in ionised calcium and magnesium, in a ratio of 2:1 which is appropriate for optimal absorption.

When added to water, Okinawa minerals have a pH value of 10 (alkaline). An ideal way to alkalize the body and help and guard against those conditions liked to acidity.




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Why should everyone use Okinawa minerals?

Okinawa minerals has a proven bio-availability of 80% within 20 minutes! This multivitamin contains not only vitamins, but also many minerals and trace elements.

The lack of minerals and trace elements in agricultural land was already noted and reported by the US Senate in 1936. Their advice for every American was therefore to replenish minerals and trace elements on a daily basis. Eighty years later, it is still not generally known how large the deficits are in the soil, in food crops and therefore in humans.

Behavioural problems, learning difficulties, mental complaints and disorders are increasingly common and are partly caused by mineral and trace element deficiencies. Deficiencies can already arise in the womb!


  • Okinawa minerals can be used in addition to a multivitamin or Greens product
  • Okinawa minerals help the body to be more alkaline
  • Okinawa minerals can be used for heartburn
  • Okinawa minerals can be used for the teeth and for muscles and joints
  • In case of energy loss due to sports, sauna and warm weather, it replenishing electrolytes

Quantity and dosage

1-3 scoops daily (use supplied measuring spoon) dissolved in water, juice or yoghurt, unless otherwise advised. Can be used for all the family.

Pregnant women: 1 – 3 scoops per day.

Babies: Nursing women take their own dose (1-2 scoops per day).

As soon as the supplementary feeding starts, you can add a pinch of water to a liquid every day, for example follow-on milk, yogurt or water.

Children up to 12 years: ½ – 1 measuring scoop per day.

For ‘busy’ children or children who are not feeling well: 1 – 2 scoops per day.
For muscle and growth pain: 1 to 2 scoops per day.

Adults and children from 12 years: 1 – 3 measuring spoons per day.

With weak teeth / incipient holes: 1 measuring spoon per day in water, preferably drink throughout the day, especially after eating and after sweet snacks. You can in addition, apply a little powder directly to the weak spots before going to sleep.

80% absorption within 20 minutes

Think of your daily vitamin D dose for optimal absorption.

With osteoporosis and after a bone fracture: 2-3 scoops per day.

Athletes: 2 scoops per day.

For acidification complaints: 2 measuring spoons per day.

Packaging: The Health Factory package this product in the highest quality dark violet glass which allows only the positive infrared and ultraviolet light to pass through, resulting in longer shelf life.

Observe the (recommended) daily dose.
Keep closed at room temperature and out of reach of young children.

Patent nr: 0790004

Additional information

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The Health Factory



Product size (grams)


This product is 100% pure and does not contain fillers or additives. Patent nr: 0790004

Calcium (carbonate) 684 mg (86% RDA*)
Magnesium (carbonate) 330 mg (88% RDA*)
* percentage of the recommended daily allowance.

Contains 76 ionised minerals and trace elements derived from fossilised Sango sea coral. Particularly rich in ionised calcium and magnesium, in a 2:1 ratio which is appropriate for optimal absorption.

Can be used by all the family.

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