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Indigo Herbs Organic Spirulina Powder

Indigo Herbs


  • 200g- Mar 2021
  • 500g – Mar 2021

Spirulina Powder from Indigo Herbs is a premium super food and is certified as Organic by the Organic Food Federation. Spirulina Powder can be taken daily and is a nutrient rich food supplement.

  • Easily digestible highly nutritious Powder.
  • Up to 70% Complete Protein (contains all the essential amino acids)
  • Great in vegetable and fruit juices and breakfast smoothies
  • Used by Athletes and Health enthusiasts to supplement training and a healthy balanced lifestyle.
  • Packed in a re-sealable air tight, foil pouch
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegan
  • Can also be known as Blue Green Algae and Micro-algae

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Spitulina Health Benefits: 

Spirulina is a stand out superfood which provides many benefits to your health.  It’s a unique blue/green algae that is rich in chlorophyll and many other life giving nutrients.

Firstly it is a complete protein meaning it contains all of the 9 essential amino acids, it has more than 70% protein in easily digestible form – proteins are used to make muscles, tendons, organs and skin and are the building blocks of all life – a very important source of complete protein for vegans!

Our Organic Spirulina Powder contains the full spectrum of B vitamins which are essential for a healthy central nervous system, mental agility and cognitive prowess – B vitamins are a powerful anti-oxidant for the brain, they are given a further boost by the presence of zinc which is also contained in high amounts and is an important mineral for optimal brain function.

Spirulina strongly promotes the body’s natural cleansing and detoxification – rich in vitamin E whose primary role is to scavenge free radicals – this nutrient dense superfood provides a healthy dose of vitamin E in each serving.

Spirulina is also important for the blood, it is high in potassium which is known to relieve tension in blood vessels and normalise blood pressure.  Also supplying a whopping 71% of the daily recommended allowance of iron – this mineral is famous for its role in blood health with the formation of haemoglobin being one of its chief functions.

How to Use 

Integrating Superfoods into your daily diet is simple and easy. Superfoods are particularly dense in nutrients, and free from any bulking agents or fillers. By adding superfoods to your daily diet you can fortify your food with super nutrition. Try replacing breakfast with a superfood smoothie. The smoothie can be made with a base of nut milk, seed milk or non-dairy milk such as rice milk, alternatively the main body of the smoothie can be created with fruit or vegetable juices.

Then additional superfood and herb powders can be added to fortify the smoothie with extra beneficial properties, the powders are largely dissolvable and can be scooped in and then blended or shaken until fully mixed in. Superfoods can be easily added to breakfast cereals such as porridge, muesli or granola. The powders, berries, grains, seeds and nuts can also be added to soups, salads, stews, curries, and used as toppings for any meal. Think about what you can replace in your daily diet with Superfoods.

Suggested serving

Organic Spirulina Powder has many varied applications as an active ingredient in either breakfast smoothies, milk, vegetable and fruit juices, sprinkled on cereals or just mixed with water. Being highly absorbable this powder can build strength and vitality to almost any food.

Daily serving: It is recommended that Spirulina be taken at a gradual serving of ½ teaspoon a day building up to as much as 4 teaspoons daily (12 grams). Because Spirulina is so nutritionally rich then the body must get used to it. Initially symptoms of detoxification may be experienced.

Manufacture Process

Organic Spirulina is farmed with little to no environmental impact because of its extremely high rate of reproduction in the medium of salt water. The Organic Spirulina used to make Indigo Herbs Organic Spirulina Powder is grown and harvested under the strictest organic standards. At harvest all batches are tested for heavy metals and other contaminants to ensure our Spirulina Powder is of the utmost organic purity.

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Indigo Herbs

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