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Dr Mercola, Organic Digestive Bitters, 60ml

Dr Mercola

Commonly derived from the extracts of the bark, leaves, roots or flowers of bitter-tasting plants, bitter herbs have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurveda Medicines before a meal to support normal digestion and overall gastrointestinal health.*

Digestive bitters simply stimulate bitter receptors in your mouth, tongue, stomach, gallbladder and pancreas to help stomach acid, bile and enzymes quickly break down food and assist in the proper absorption of nutrients and minerals. This process may also support normal detoxification processes, and, thanks to the gut-brain connection, mood and stress.*

Bitters also allow food to remain in the stomach longer, ensuring that it is optimally digested, which helps with occasional gas and bloating while promoting regular bowel movements.*

Containing a blend of eight botanicals in a base of lemon juice, natural mandarin flavor and citrus extract, our Organic Digestive Bitters is a USDA Certified Organic, alcohol-free formula that includes time-honored favorites like Burdock Root, Dandelion Leaf and Root, Fennel Seed, Gentian Root, Ginger, Juniper Berry, Yellow Dock Root and Orange Peel.

Organic Digestive Bitters is made using a unique counter-current extraction process, a proprietary technology that gently produces the liquid extracts and concentrates without sacrificing flavor and botanical qualities. This process avoids excessive heat and requires minimal solvent, resulting in a more bioactive end product.

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Cultures around the world have relied on blends of bitter herbs, roots, bark, seeds and fruits since they were first marketed in the 1700s. Mostly known as a trendy cocktail addition in the Western world, bitters are undergoing a rebirth as people discover how they support digestion, regularity and immune health.

Dr Mercola Organic Digestive Bitters containing:-

Burdock Root
Traditionally, burdock root has been used for centuries as a digestive aid. An antioxidant powerhouse, burdock root helps protect against oxidative damage, promotes blood cleaning, healthy circulation and supports normal detoxification. It supports digestion and gut health, and promotes an already normal inflammatory response for comfortable, easy movement.*

Dandelion Leaf and Root
Much more than a nuisance weed in your lawn, this plant has played an important role in traditional herbal medicine practices. Highly nutritious, dandelion greens are rich in antioxidant nutrients that help support liver health, protect against cellular damage and promote an already normal inflammatory response. Its roots contain inulin, a type of soluble fiber that supports the growth and maintenance of beneficial bacteria in your gut.*

Fennel Seed
With their mild licorice-like flavor, fennel seeds contain powerful essential oils with valuable nutrients and volatile compounds that support cell and liver health and an already normal inflammatory response. Fennel has traditionally been used to support digestive health and regularity, and helps with occasional bloating and gas. Fennel seed extract may also offer cognitive benefits.*

Gentian Root
These thick roots come from the Gentiana lutea plant and have been used traditionally for occasional bloating, gas and other digestive issues. The root’s bitter compounds stimulate the release of digestive juices and bile to support healthy digestion. Gentian root helps control appetite and sugar cravings, and promotes gut health and healthy cells.*

Ginger Rhizome
Ginger contains an antioxidant called gingerol that supports cell health and an already heathy inflammatory response for comfortable movement and healthy brain function. With its bioactive compounds, ginger supports immune health. Ginger also helps speed up the emptying of the stomach to support digestive processes.*

Juniper Berry
These deep blue seed cones, known as juniper berries, come from the evergreen juniper tree. Their tart flavor makes them a popular bitters ingredient. Rich in essential oils and flavonoid antioxidants, coumarins and other compounds, they offer support for heart, brain and nerve health. They support an already normal inflammatory response and help protect cells from free radical damage.*

Orange (Citrus sinensis) Peel
Typically discarded, the peel from fresh oranges contains many valuable nutrients and plant compounds, including polyphenols. Their essential oil, limonene, supports cell health and an already normal inflammatory response. Orange peel may also help control sugar cravings and appetite.

Yellow Dock Root
Long used in traditional medicine since the time of Hippocrates, yellow dock root has been valued for its use in aiding digestion. Rich in glycosides, these phytochemicals stimulate the production of digestive enzymes as well as bile to support healthy digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Its antioxidants help protect the liver and gut from oxidative damage and stress from free radicals. Regular use supports the body’s normal detoxification processes and healthy, regular elimination.*

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Organic Digestive Bitters Extract Blend (Burdock Root, Dandelion Leaf and Root, Fennel Seed, Gentian Root, Ginger Rhizome, Juniper Berry, Orange (Citrus sinensis) Peel, Yellow Dock Root), Glycerin, Water, Lemon Juice Concnetrate, Natural Mandarin Flavour with Other Natural Flavour, Citrus Extract

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