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Dr Mercola Mitomix Ketone Energy MCT Oil 473ml

Dr Mercola

Dr Mercola’s Pure Power Ketone Energy is 95% Caprylic Acid (C8) MCT Oil (the other 5% is C10) and contains no trans-fatty acids and no genetically engineered ingredients.

Medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, have become especially popular as the word spreads about the many benefits of nutritional ketosis, or when you successfully use fat as your primary fuel instead of glucose from carbohydrates.  This burning of high-quality fats produces ketones. Ketones are the ideal fuel for your mitochondria because they burn cleanly and produce far fewer damaging free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS), compared to glucose from carbohydrates.

The use of MCT oil is fast becoming a leading trend among those wanting an extra “edge” to take control of their body and brain health.

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What is Ketosis?

You achieve nutritional ketosis by following a ketogenic or low net carb (total carbs minus fibre) diet that is high in healthy fats and moderate in high-quality protein. Ketone Energy can help you get enough healthy fats.

MCT oil is particularly valuable for creating ketones and maintaining nutritional ketosis:

  • MCTs bypass normal digestive processes, diffuse across your intestinal membrane and go directly to your liver to be used as a clean-burning fuel for your entire body and brain
  • MCT oil is a great way to get extra fat, and because it is completely odourless and tasteless, and actually enhances flavour. You can even add it to foods and beverages for extra fat calories
  • Because of their rapid conversion to energy, MCTs are an ideal way to help squelch hunger pangs, and boost satiety and satisfaction on a ketogenic diet

Ketones are the ideal fuel for your cells’ mitochondria because they burn cleanly and produce far less reactive oxygen species (ROS) that damage your cells and promote ageing. Ketones are also your best friend when it comes to cravings and unwanted hunger pangs. They help suppress ghrelin (your  “hunger” hormone) and enhance another hormone that signals your brain when you’re full.

Unlike other fats that must go through normal digestive processes, this type of fuel goes directly to your liver where it is converted into ketones for quick energy, rather than stored in your fat cells. That is great news if you want to reach and maintain ketosis, speed up the burning of fat stores, optimise your cognitive function or simply desire more clean energy.

By using fat as your primary energy source instead of carbohydrates, you shift your metabolism from burning glucose as your primary fuel to burning fat instead.

When this happens, you can potentially:

  • Optimise your mitochondrial function
  • Activate your body’s ability to burn body fat
  • Help your metabolism run more efficiently
  • Enjoy long-lasting energy and stamina
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Focus and think more clearly

How Ketone Energy can help improve your mental clarity and Cognitive Function

As well as all these benefits, Ketone Energy can also help improve your mental clarity and cognitive function. Because the MCTs in Ketone Energy are water-soluble, they have the unique ability to pass through your blood-brain barrier to supply your brain with energy. Other fats cannot do this. Researchers have discovered that ketones are the preferred source of energy for your brain in general, but especially for those patients most at risk of cognitive decline. It appears that the introduction of ketones into the brain can help rescue brain cells that have lost their ability to utilise glucose efficiently. Improved cognitive function and mental clarity are among the first things people notice when they enter nutritional ketosis.

Creative Ways to Use Ketone Energy

Because Ketone Energy is absolutely tasteless and odourless, you can add it to foods and beverages

  • Create a steaming cup of Pure Power Coffee by blending together my Organic Whole Bean Coffee, Ketone Energy and a pat of grass-fed butter
  • Add Ketone Energy to smoothies, fresh-squeezed vegetable juice or your favourite Protein Powder Shake
  • Drizzle Ketone Energy onto sushi, salads, pasta or any dish – chefs claim it enhances flavour!

You can also cook with Ketone Energy too; just don’t expose it to temperatures above 325 degrees F.

Once you start experimenting, you’ll find endless and delicious uses for Ketone Energy!

Directions: Start with one teaspoon of Ketone Energy and work up to one or two tablespoons a day. Or add to food or beverages (many people enjoy adding it to pasta or salads or blending it into their coffee with some raw grass-fed butter).

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